Meet our Team!


Elaina Gunders

Head of Counselling.

Ms. Gunders has been very adeqaute in our work. She helps out each of the members with any problems that would impeade on their lives.


Addie Berg

Head of Comedy

Ms. Berg is definetly the class clown of the team. She can always make one of ys laugh, even in moments of seriousity.


Henry Caldwell

Head of Food

Mr. Caldwell is always the one to always make sure we'd ate. He's much responsible for bringing the group snacks for the day, along with any beverages necessisary.


Cody Eaton

Head of Quality Control

Mr.Eaton is always to be in control of making sure everything is ready for production quality.


Katie Watson

Head of Crying

Ms. Watson has the best job of them all. She gets to sit in the corner and cry with you when needs are acquainted. This is helpful when even the whole team meets matters that complicate things, but shes always here for us.


Grace Visnaw

Head of Everything

Ms. Visnaw is the main commander of them all. She's the main man for everyone, meaning she has to make sure everyone is doing their job correctly and not just goofing off all day (we're talking about you Addie)